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Slovakia, Central Europe – April 16, 2024, Massive Media: After more than seven years of research, development, engineering, and testing, BIOR Biotech is launching a unique, first-of-its-kind technology that every farmer worldwide can benefit from. ‘BIOR’ stands for ‘BIO Reactor,’ a pioneering technology that enables the continuous cultivation of soil microorganisms essential for soil health and optimal plant growth. This innovation allows farmers to produce biofertilizer (microorganisms) directly on their farms with minimal operational costs, as the technology automates all preparation, cultivation, and both ongoing and final quality inspections of the biofertilizer, powered by AI. During operation, the machine monitors and controls over 15 essential process parameters.

To mention just a few benefits:

  • Up to a 75% reduction in nitrogen fertilizer costs and usage.
  • Reducing CO2 emissions to nearly zero.
  • A return on investment of up to less than one year (depending on farm size).
  • Fully automated and Al powered machine.
  • 15 additional key benefits, including enhanced growth, improved resilience to disease, drought, and various stresses, among others.
  • Minimal operational costs and very low energy consumption.
  • A unique autonomous microscopy system for qualitative and quantitative quality control.

There are around 650 million farms in the world, and for approximately 13 million of them, the investment in BIOR technology can pay for itself within two years. BIOR Biotech is set to reach the market at the end of 2024, and we aim to deliver at least 1,000 units to the market in 2025.

“Every piece of soil on planet Earth contains all the nutrients plants need to grow. The problem is that these nutrients are not directly available to the plants; they need microorganisms to assist in making them accessible.” – Dr. Natalia Faragoova, Chief Soil Microbiologist