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Frequently Asked Questions

Here we provide transparent answers to questions related to our press release distribution in the Middle East. If your question is not listed, please contact us.

How does Press Release Distribution work?

It’s a straightforward process. Start by submitting your press release and identifying your target audience. Our team will then review and edit your content (if needed), schedule the distribution, and provide you with a detailed media coverage report within three days.

How is Massive Media different from other agencies?

Our team has closely collaborated with journalists and media outlets in the Middle East for over two decades. Throughout our tenure at world-renowned PR agencies in the UAE, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia, we achieved impressive media coverage by crafting and distributing hundreds of press releases to targeted media outlets in the GCC and the broader MENA region.

Why don’t you offer guaranteed press release publishing?

The internet is flooded with websites that publish any press release they get, no matter how newsworthy it is. Massive Media takes a different approach, targeting only the most respected online and print publications. This might mean fewer total clippings, but it guarantees your press release reaches influential outlets with large audiences.

What can I do to get my press release picked up by the media?

Do you have something to say? Developing a newsworthy and relevant press release is the key. You may also review our Press Release Guidelines for additional tips to keep in mind when writing your press release. Following these recommendations can significantly improve your chances of getting published.

What is the media landscape in the Middle East like?

The media landscape in the MENA region, while rich and diverse, presents a challenge for PR professionals. The dynamics of press release distribution, and Public Relations in general, vary significantly from one country to another due to social, cultural, and economic factors. Therefore, to ensure successful communication, your key messages must be perfectly aligned with your target audience in each country.

Do I need to send out my press release in Arabic as well?

To reach the majority of your target audience in the MENA region, Arabic translation is essential for clear and effective communication of your key messages. Our experienced translators can ensure your press release resonates with Arabic speakers.