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Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, March 19, 2024 (Massive Media): Perfumes Palace, a leading Saudi Arabian fragrance brand renowned for its innovative and luxurious scents, is delighted to announce the launch of three captivating new oriental fragrances.

Crafted by expert perfumers, the “Island 77,” “Panther 22,” and “Ana Yours 11” fragrances are designed to add a touch of elegance and distinction to both men and women. Each scent boasts a unique and unconventional blend of ingredients, resulting in a truly unforgettable olfactory experience.

  • Island 77: A serene and long-lasting fragrance, reminiscent of a moonlit night. This unconventional scent combines the calming notes of forest woods with hints of berries and clary sage.
  • Panther 22: An invigorating oriental fragrance, featuring a powerful blend of flowers, cardamom, and forest woods. This perfume is designed to leave a lasting impression throughout the day.
  • Ana Yours 11: A captivating and alluring fragrance that combines the sweetness of ripe mango with a delightful floral bouquet.

Founded in 2008, Perfume Palace is renowned for its dedication to blending traditional Arabian influences with modern perfumery practices. Their extensive collection, featuring over 20 unique fragrances, caters to a variety of tastes. Previous successes include the best-selling “Leather Z” and the widely acclaimed “Mystery.”

Perfume Palace offers its exquisite fragrances through three conveniently located stores in Riyadh, as well as through their user-friendly online store, ensuring easy access for customers throughout Saudi Arabia. The stores boast a modern and inviting atmosphere, featuring a large display of fragrance samples to assist customers in finding their perfect scent.


About Perfume Palace

Established in 2008, Perfume Palace set out to bridge the gap between the rich heritage of Arabian scents and the innovation of modern perfumery. The result? A truly unique collection of over 20 captivating fragrances. Perfume Palace caters to every taste, ensuring customer satisfaction is their top priority. Their success story began with “Leather Z,” a top-selling fragrance that continues to be a favorite. They then captivated audiences with “Mystery,” another highly acclaimed scent. Perfume Palace offers a luxurious fragrance experience for everyone.