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MENA, January 4, 2024, (Massive Media): Massive Media was launched today as the first fully-fledged online Public Relations (PR) agency in the Middle East region, committed to delivering essential PR services tailored for startups and SMBs.

With a mission to empower entrepreneurs and drive business growth, Massive Media introduces affordable, accessible, and reliable PR services tailored to the unique needs of emerging businesses.

The entrepreneurial ecosystem in the Middle East experiences unprecedented growth, Massive Media emerges as a strategic ally for startups and SMBs, offering comprehensive PR solutions designed to enhance brand visibility, establish credibility, foster growth, and attract new customers and investors.

“At Massive Media, we support and understand the dynamic nature of the startup ecosystem in the Middle East. We believe that every startup is founded by an entrepreneur with a unique vision and the determination to bring about change. Our aim is to amplify their voices, ensuring that their stories and innovations receive the attention and recognition they deserve,” said Mohammad Shaban, Founder and Managing Director of Massive Media, the first online PR agency in the Middle East.

Massive Media aims to introduce intrapreneurs to the transformative power of PR, helping them navigate the competitive business environment. To this end, the agency offers free press release distribution, editing, and monitoring services, ensuring that emerging businesses have the tools and resources to effectively get their initial press releases published.

Massive Media also provides a diverse range of PR services, focusing primarily on strategic communications, reputation management, media training, social media management, and digital services. Each service is chosen to address the distinct challenges and opportunities faced by startups in the Middle East, enabling them to navigate the complex business landscape with confidence and agility.

The strength of Massive Media lies in its exceptional team of PR executives, strategists, copywriters, translators, and designers who collectively possess over two decades of experience within international agencies in the UAE, KSA, and Qatar. Their deep insights and nuanced understanding of the social, cultural, and economic intricacies of the Arab world enable Massive Media to offer strategic PR solutions that resonate with the diverse audiences of the region.

“Our team’s profound understanding of the Middle East complexities positions Massive Media as a trusted partner for startups and SMBs seeking to establish a compelling brand presence. We leverage our expertise to craft tailored PR strategies that drive tangible results and foster sustainable growth”, said Samer Mohamed, Operations Manager, Massive Media.

Startups and SMBs across the region are invited to explore the comprehensive range of PR services offered by Massive Media. By leveraging the agency’s expertise and resources, emerging businesses can unlock their full potential, establish a compelling brand presence, and seize new opportunities in the vibrant regional market.


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