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MENA, January 8, 2024, (Massive Media): AI World Today, a leading source of artificial intelligence news and insights, is pleased to announce the release of their new eBook The AI Dictionary.

Authored by AI World Today founders Rahul Dogra and Neha Mehra, “The AI Dictionary” explores 26 important AI terms from A to Z in a concise and engaging format. Each entry in the dictionary provides a defining keyword for a core AI concept, with links to more in-depth explanations on the AI World Today website.

Topics covered range from fundamental AI techniques like Deep Learning to emerging areas such as Explainable AI. Written in a clear and straightforward style, the eBook aims to increase readers’ understanding of artificial intelligence and its growing impact on our lives.

As AI continues to revolutionize industries and technologies, having a basic grasp of the underlying vocabulary and principles is becoming increasingly important. “The AI Dictionary” serves as an accessible starting point for anyone looking to develop their AI literacy, whether they are students, professionals or simply curious about new developments.

“Our goal was to illustrate the breadth of AI topics concisely while igniting readers’ interest to learn more,” said Rahul Dogra, Co-Founder of AI World Today. “We hope this eBook provides valuable insights into the world of AI and informs understanding of its rapid evolution.”

“The AI Dictionary” can be downloaded for free on the AI World Today website. For the latest AI news and analysis, visit AI World Today.


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