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Riyadh, KSA, March 3, 2024, (Massive Media): Dun & Bradstreet Saudi Arabia received the prestigious “Best Business Sustainability Company” award at the World ESG Summit held in Al Khobar, KSA, to promote the promise of sustainability and responsible investment.

The summit, which was held on February 19-21, focused on integrating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices within various economic sectors.

This recognition underscores Dun & Bradstreet’s commitment to fostering collaboration and driving collective progress towards a sustainable future. By offering innovative solutions and promoting informed discussions, the company aims to empower businesses of all sizes on their sustainability journeys.

Dun & Bradstreet Saudi Arabia graced the World ESG Summit as a Gold Sponsor, showcasing its commitment to sustainability through two key initiatives. The first, ‘ESG Intelligence,’ is an innovative solution empowering companies to quantify and assess the impact of their business partners’ sustainability rankings on their performance. By providing reliable ESG data, ESG Intelligence helps businesses strengthen their ESG goals, refine policies, and streamline assessment processes.

The second initiative, ‘ESG Registered™,’ is a flagship product enabling companies to distinguish themselves and demonstrate their commitment to sustainability through a dedicated ESG seal usable on both digital and physical materials.”

During the event, Mr. Nauman Lakhani, Group Director of Enterprise Solutions at Dun & Bradstreet South Asia, Middle East, and Africa, delivered an impactful speech in a session titled “Beyond the Giants: Why SMEs Need a Seat at the ESG Table. He also participated in a panel discussion on “Sustainable Finance and ESG Reporting: Opportunities for Saudi Arabian Companies.”

Mr. Lakhani’s presentations focused on the crucial role of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) within the global ESG landscape. Statistics show that SMEs contribute to 40% of global GDP and 50% of jobs. Therefore, for ESG to deliver on its promise, SMEs have to be included, emphasized Dun & Bradstreet.

Mr. Lakhani also talked about navigating the complexities of current and future ESG regulations, and the practical applications of Dun & Bradstreet’s ESG products, ESG Intelligence and ESG RegisteredTM, for businesses.