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Dubai, UAE, May 7, 2024, Massive Media: Global digital transformation leader and former chief technology officer of Toronto, Lawrence Eta, launched his debut book, Bridging Worlds: A Journey of technology, leadership and public service, in Riyadh recently. Recognised for successfully implementing a strategic framework for Toronto’s digital infrastructure planning and investments, Lawrence currently oversees the implementation of a smart city strategy for the UNESCO heritage site and a Saudi mega-project AlUla.

Book Launch

Speaking to an audience of tech leaders, government officials, and policymakers at the book launch, he described how Bridging Worlds chronicles his impactful journey – from an initial fascination with computers early in his career to becoming a leader leveraging technology for social betterment.

Bridging Worlds is the culmination of having worked across diverse industries for more than two decades, but it is also very much my personal journey and experiences of how people can come together to make a transformational impact. Technology is usually viewed as being distant and not human enough. Through my book, I have demonstrated how technology is more than just a business tool and can connect communities to improve people’s lives,” said Lawrence.

An executive with over 23 years of progressive leadership roles in various industries, Lawrence is also a TEDx speaker and an award-winning technology leader. He has provided executive leadership on transformational projects across the world with notable impact of improving government service delivery affecting 100,000 concurrent customer service calls per minute across the United States, modernizing 4th largest City in Canada with online payment delivery for 2.9 million residents, and leading the development of a mega project digital strategy in the middle east.

Lawrence Eta is a thought leader in global digital transformation with over 23 years of extensive experience driving technological innovations and advancements. He is currently Vice President of Digital and Analytics at one of Saudi Arabia’s mega projects. As the former CTO of the City of Toronto, Canada, he successfully implemented a strategic framework for the city’s digital infrastructure planning and investments. He is an author, TEDx speaker, and a CX50 KSA Award winner. As a transformative leader and business partner, he provides vision, strategy, and execution to modernize and deliver innovative technology solutions to enhance the customer service experience.

Bridging Worlds is now available to pre-order at